Friday, August 1, 2014

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant (KCR), Kingsford

Another local restaurant in Kingsford area is KCR or Kingsford Chinese Restaurant. Well, it is a favourite among Indonesians, that I know! :) There will definitely be one or two table of indonesian diners every time I visited the place. This place is well known of its cheap and delicious foods (containing MSG of course but who cares) and also the rude service (used to be, the service improves now I think when compared to 2 years ago!).

KCR is probably the first restaurant that I visited when I arrived in Sydney in 2008 and also the first restaurant where I celebrated my first birthday here ;p I'm not sure how long this place has been there but one thing for sure is the sign of the restaurant name has slightly faded away which indicates it must be there for quite a long time now.

Enough intro. Went to KCR 2 times last week, one was with Ms.B from Indo and later with my high school teacher. The dishes that I ordered are always the same.
The local favourite is definitely the shantunng chicken, salt and pepper calamari and green beans in XO sauce. So when u're about to order, when u said shantung, calamari and green bean, they'll definitely know what u mean without having to mentioned the 'salt and pepper' ;p

So here are the mighty foods, our favourite dishes in KCR....
First one is the Shantung Chicken. It not like any other shandong chicken that is served with brown-ish soy based sauce but this one is based on Vinegar, chillies and heaps of spring onions. The sounds of vinegar and chicken might turn u off but trust me, it does increase your appetite to eat more of this!! On top of that, the chicken is deep fried until that skin turns crispy and yummy!

Shantung Chicken $12.00
 This Green Bean in Malaysian sauce is the main reason why I keep coming back to KCR! The green beans still has its crunch while doesn't have the raw beany taste at all. It is cooked with dried shrimp and lots of garlic. It is salty as well so better to eat it with steamed rice. A must try when you visit this place!

Green Bean in Malaysian Sauce $12.80
The salt and pepper calamari, well I love how they cooked the calamari and seasoned it with chilli, fried shallot and spring onions but sometimes this dish lacks consistency. In good days, you'll get a fresh not chewy not dead-dried fried calamari but sometimes when the place is quite busy, you'll get a seemingly reheated calamari and sometimes its to dry hard and to chew! I saw quite a number of times customers and the owner quarrelled regarding the freshness of this calamari

Salt and Pepper Calamari $12.80
 In cold days, I sometimes ordered the wonton soup which is rich of chicken broth and choy sum flavours.

Wonton Soup $7
The deep fried fish fillet in sweet corn sauce is another great dish in KCR. :)

Fish fillet in sweet corn sauce $12
 And my other favourite dish in KCR is their sweet and sour pork! More or less the same sweet and sour flavour that u get in any chinese restaurant, I just love sweet and sour pork in general hehe..

Sweet and sour pork $11
Their dishes used to be on average $8.80-$11.00 but recently they increase their price due to place renovation. Their prices are still cheaper compared to other chinese eats next door and the foods here fit my palate really well :) Definitely one of the place to visit when anyone is in Kingsford area. Please don't mind the service, for me, the food is worth it.. ;p

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