Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kyushu, Neutral Bay

Had dinner in Kyushu with 2 other couples last week for another catching up :) I passed this restaurant quite a number of times already on my way to Kohya but never had the thought to try it out cause we always go for Japanese Buffet in Neutral Bay. I had a quick search online about the place and I read a couple of reviews that said the place is always packed with people and that we have to book.

Luckily, Ms.B is always as prepared as I do. She made the booking and luckily it was not too crowded as it was on Monday night. All of us were starving and we ordered an entree, a salad and 4 mains to share.

The first to come is the soft shell crab salad. The tempura crab still has its crunch and the salad was so refreshing drizzled with Kyushu's signature dressing. I noticed that most of the foods here are served with thinly shredded cabbage, red capsicum and orange slices ;p

Soft shell crab salad $13.80
Then the Pork Maki Roll came! The caramelised sticky sauce at the bottom was finger-licking good! Inside the roll is a bunch of spring onions which annoyed me as I have to dissect it and took 'em out ;p

Pork Maki $12.50
 Ms.B ordered a Maki as well. An extra portion for her baby in the belly :)

Then this amazing wafu steak came! The steak was cooked medium, the meat was tender and it has that amazing smoky flavour in it. I don't even look for any sauce to dip it in. Even though it looks dry, it was seriously so juicy! I highly recommend this dish ~~

And then came the winner of tonight's meal! The spicy pork Tepan. The pork was thinly sliced and marinated really well. The sauce was spicy which I loveeeeeee and full of flavour! Another Highly Recommended dish in this place.

The awaited Beef Teriyaki by Ms.B. I can taste that the beef teriyaki is cooked using the Rump. Not my favourite but she loved it!

Ms.V can't really eat beef or pork. She can only eat chicken and fish so she ordered the fish Teriyaki.Must I say, the fish was soft and moist and the teriyaki sauce another amazing. Another great sauce by Kyushu!

The verdict of this place:
  • Service was okay.
  • Food was delicious and with the prize, I'd say the portion is generous
  • No wonder it's always crowded coz the food delivers!
  • Would love to learn how to make a great sauce from the sous chef ;p
Just a pic of me and my girls :)

Would love to come back again!

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  1. Replies
    1. It is surprisingly yummy. Fish was never in my order list. Thank god my friend order it :)

  2. Never had fish teriyaki before, it looks good! And that soft shell crab salad OMG!


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