Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do Dee Paidang Thai Noodle Bar, Chinatown

I read a post by Helen about this new thai place that just recently open in Chinatown area. It is located just next to Aarons hotel near Market City. And to speak frankly, I never visited restaurant beyond Market City Area except Kura and Satang thai :)

What tempt me to visit this place is the Spicy Tom Yum Noodle and their level of spiciness. It's no surprise that I'm chilli freak and is always keen to try anything spicy! So I went there last Saturday with Bebski and 2 other friends.

The place was busy when we walked in, the payment counter on the left of the entrance and a dessert bar at the end of the area. It was full with the Thai patrons which is a sign of authentic Thai foods :)

I ordered the Cordial Milk tea which I saw on Helen's post as well hehe... Yes, the bright pink colour is the one thing that caught my attention ;p The drink was milky and not too sweet, but I'd expect some more Thai tea note in it...

Cordial Milk Tea $3.80
For entrée, we tried the Fish cakes. It came in four pieces with diced cucumber and crushed nut on top and smothered with the sweet chilli sauce. I do recommend the fish cake. It's probably the second tastiest Thai fish cake after Lang suan Thai's ;p!

Fish cake 4 pcs for $8.80
Now here come the noodles. The spiciness level starts from 1 which they called Monster, Level 2 Devil, Level 3 Lava, Level 5 Super Volcano and the spiciest level 7 is Supernova. I'm very excited to try level 5 and 7!! Apparently when I ordered I said lv 5 and 7 but the waitress thought I ordered no 5 and 7 on the menu which was level 1 and 3 T.T

So disappointed but the waitress insisted for us to try level 1 and 3 first. For every bowl, you can choose the type of noodle from vermicelli, instant noodle, egg noodle, flat rice noodle and many others. I chose their first option which is the Fresh Thin Rice Noodle. The tom yum soup is not the classic tomyum flavour that u might expect, it was spicy and has that tanginess of tomyum and yet you can't denote it as tomyum! Man, I might be confusing, but u gotta try it yourself and let me know hehe!
The noodle soup also comes with a couple of fish balls, pork slices, couple of beef balls, shallots, coriander and deep fried wonton pastry pieces.

Level 1 $5.50

Level 1 was nothing for me, it was an easy level. Level 3 however is burning! Especially when u eat it while it's still hot. The chilli literally just kick at the back of the throat! I thinkkkk I may still be able to handle level 5... Next time definitely! A good thing about this place too is that you can order the noodle in small portion for $5.50 so you can try other foods as well.

Level 3 - Lava
Mr.P who can't handle chilli ordered Doo Dee Variety which I think is similar to the others but it has no chilli in it.
Doo Dee Variety $6.50
A must order dish every time I try a new thai place :) The pork belly was good but not great. some of the pork were hard to chew but they are really generous with the amount of sauce which we lovee.

Prik Khing Moo Krob $13.90
Bebski suggested to order this dish called Tum Tarb or Tum Karb I can't recall. So you can choose the type of salad in the middle from papaya salad or mango salad and other varities and then surrounding it are delicacies such as While fried fish, Deep fried School of Prawns, Chicken Wings, Pork skin Cracker, some kind of Ham, boiled egg, and veggies. I got the Som tum (Papaya salad) which was really refreshing, crunchy papaya and tangy sauce. I do recommend to get the Deep fried prawns and chicken wings from the entree menu!! It was yummmyy...

Tum Tarb/karb $19.90
The following dish is Beef stir fry in Garlic and pepper sauce which also comes with steamed Brocolli at the bottom. Nothing special in particular but we're just thankful that there were veggies on the plate cause the rest of the dish that we ordered are meats ;p

Beef in Garlic and Pepper sauce $12.90
Pork Ribs is a must order! The pork was so tender and fell of the bone and the sauce basting the ribs was a mixture of the usual Western BBQ sauce with an eastern spice hit! It's a new flavour to my palate but I'm liking it!

Pork Ribs $14.90
We ordered a lot of foods for the four of us. At the end of the meal, the waitress who was about to take our plate was amazed looking at the empty plates on our table and said that she thought we wouldn't be able to finish everything ;p Well, you underestimate Indonesian's belly my friend! hehe.. After those yummy meals, we can still fit this Fried Bread sticks with Pandan sauce to our fully tummy!

4 pieces for $5.50
Highly recommended new eating spot for chilli lovers! They really know how to make spicy noodle soup!!

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  1. Haha glad you made it. Level 3 is crazy hot isn't it. Hoping you'll do a follow-up post when you eat levels 5 and 7! lol

  2. i would love to try the level 3, but wont brave any higher haha!

  3. Oooh I'm also keen to try level 5! I need to go to this place asap!


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