Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Shanghai Night, Ashfield

Last Sunday we were craving for some dumplings and so Mr.P suggested to have lunch in Ashfield, the home of all the yummy Shanghai cuisine which specialises in Dumplings. Our original destination was New Shanghai restaurant, but even at 1:30PM, the queue was horrendous! Luckily, he said that Shanghai Night serves great foods as well. So we head there and had to wait for around 15mins.

Looking at the menu, I was surprised to see how relatively cheap the price of the foods are. Will look in detail on the prices of each dish later on. On the right of the entrance is where the dumplings were made and then they were brought to the kitchen for the cooking process.

The place was not too big and most of the waitress can't really speaks English, I'm thankful that I know some Mandarin so I can communicate with them for ordering and other stuff ;p On my way to our table, I couldn't help but seeing all those big plates of foods on every table. So glad I came to this place. Cheap and Big Portion!

First off, we got Pork and Veggies Wonton soup, it came in a madium bowl of 10 pieces. The soup was okay, but the dumplings were great! The filling was generous :)

Pork and Veggies Wonton Soup $5.50
We also ordered the Stir Fry Handmade Noodle with pork and veggies, they used the thick and chewy Hokkien Noodle which I love and seasoned it with some mushrooms, bokchoy, oyster sauce and Sweet soy sauce. The dish itself is pretty oily but I can't help it but eating most of it cause I love thick and chewy noodle!!

The must-not-miss dish in this place is the Fujian Fried Rice ! Almost every table got this dish. It was a combination of fish fillet, squid, prawns, baby corn,  mushrooms, snow peas, carrot and onions stir fry in a thick delicious gravy and poured on top of fried rice with scrambled eggs in it, sooooo addictive! The portion can literally feed 2 people if you don't order anything else.

Fujian Fried rice $13.80
Xiao Long Bao is something that you can't just miss in Shanghai Cuisine! It may be small in size but it's surely has a big punch of flavour and the juice/soup inside the dumplings just burst in your mouth adding more flavour to the already yummy pork fillings~~

8 pcs for $6.80!!!
We also ordered the Pan Fried Pork Bun with shallot which came in 9 pcs, big giant bun, again with generous filling, crispy on the bottom half of the bun and soft on the other half. Beware of the juicy soup that's inside these buns too!

Pan fried pork bun $8.80
Lastly, we had the Pork and Coriander steamed dumplings. You can choose the filling that you like and how you want to cook it and even the size! I ordered the small size which have 12 dumplings from memory.. There was nothing special with this dumplings but maybe it would be better to get them pan fried!

Pork and Coriander dumpling $8.80
Our bills came up to $12.80AUD per person and we were so full! Man, I should've visited Ashfield sooner for yummy and cheap Chinese foods ~~ Lesson Learnt..

Farewell for now but I will definitely be back ^^

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  1. Love all the dumplings here - so so good!

  2. mmm love the xlb here and also the salted egg yolk crab!

  3. 5.5 for so many wontons? That's cheap indeed!!!! Love the look of the bottoms of those pan fried pork buns!!! :)

    1. Thanks :) Going here need an empty stomach and loads of cash hehe

  4. i work real close to this palce, too dangerous! but food is so tasty and affordable!

    1. awwww lucky you! Don't worry, you can always redeemed yourself in the gym heheee :)


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