Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gnome, Surry Hills

Saturday arvo.. it was cloudy outside and I don't feel like staying at home.. So I asked Bebski to accompany me to Gnome in Surry Hills. It's the sister cafe of Brewtown Newtown. As I didn't get to taste the famous cronut affogato in my previous visit so I thought today is the day of Redemption!

I was hoping that at 3:30PM the place won't be crowded or at least we don't have to wait for table. Apparently it is our lucky day. We got a parking spot straight away and we also got the last table available inside :P The place is not as big as Brewtown Newtown but has enough table for approx 12-15 ppl inside.

It was a cozy place and a nice spot to warm up the cold winter day with a cup of Flat white for Bebski and Chai latte for me :)

For Bebski, the coffee is so strong that he can taste the bitterness of it.. I don't know much about coffee so can't really judge whether bitterness is a sign of good / bad cuppa ;p

Flat White $3.50
The Chai came in the pot without sugar. The taste is more like milk tea with a hint of spice T.T I wish there were more cinnamon spicy note in it..

Chai Latte $4
Finally the long awaited dessert appear....
The Cronut Affogato!! The fluffiest Cronut topped with a creamy and smooth Vanilla ice cream, surrounded by the bitter Espresso and drizzled with Pistachio crumbs. I regretted the decision of sharing this mouthwatering dessert with Bebski hehee.. All of the components are a perfect match to each other. It's just a spoonful of bliss ~~

Cronut Affogato $9

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