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Red Chilli Sichuan, Chinatown

Red Chilli Sichuan is located in Chinatown just below Harbour Plaza. If it wasn't for a voucher in Groupon, I think I wouldn't have the chance to know this great eating place! Ms.N told me about this deal in Groupon for our catch up with Ms.D and Ms.E from my previous workplace.

The deal includes a bowl of soup each, a choice of drink (Watermelon juice, Wine or Soft drink) and each person can choose 1 from the A la Carte menu and 2 person share 1 Crab with min weight of 800g!! Because there were four of us, we got to choose 4 mains + 2 crabs!!

Fresh watermelon juice came first. A full glass of the juice with no ice and no sugar added. What u get is purely from the fruit.

Next, the soup came. Even though the menu say 'Pumpkin Soup', but we got the sweet corn soup which is even better than pumpkin :) The soup tasted sweet and so good to warm up the body before mains.

I don't know why but they serve the Mantau after the soup. A serving of both steamed and fried Mantau with Condensed milk on the side :) Loveeee the fried mantau with condensed milk! But the steamed one, I'd rather dip it in the Venerupis sauce and eat it that way hehehe..

Venerupis Hotpot or regularly known as pipies. It is cooked with sichuan peppercorn, bamboo shoot, brocolli and ear fungus mushrooms. The sauce is just delish! Piping hot and just hit every tick in my delicious pipies hotpot criteria! This dish is highly recommended ~~

Venerupis Hotpot
 Then we also ordered the Red Chilli Chef special fish fillet. A typical Sichuan dish containing fish fillet in a sea of Chilli oil with beansprout underneath and garnished with Coriander. The fish was silky and flavoursome :)

Fish fillet in chilli oil
 The third main to arrive is the lamb ribs cooked with spicy cumin. A strong cumin flavour which complemented the lamb really well. The lamb is cooked to perfection, so tender that it fell of the bone easily.

Lamb Ribs in Spicy Cumin
 Our table was full of foods, not to mention their huge portion! The 4th main arrived which is the deep fried chicken in dried chilli and we were quite full even with three dishes and the crabs is yet to come!

For the crabs, even though we have 2, we can only cook them 1 way and we chose to cooked it with vermicelli and salted egg yolk. I thought that the vermicelli lacks flavour and the whole dish was just too dry. Luckily, the crab itself was the stands-out. The meat was really sweet and juicy and even though there were no sauce, I don't really mind! This is probably the first crab meat that tasted this sweet in Sydney.

We had a great meal and a great time catching up with my girl friends. We can't finish everything so each of us got a box of takeaway haha!
I even bought another voucher for 2 and last Saturday night I went there again with Bebski :)

This time, I tried the Double smoked Pork slices which is cooked in a lot of spring onions! The pork was well smoked and tasted so much like ham. It wasn't my favourite and the portion is not as much as the other dishes. And for the second dish, I ordered the Venerupis again. Bebski and I are pipies lovers! hehe.

For the crab this time, I was torn between Crab in Black pepper and Butter sauce or Crab cooked typhoon shelter style. I googled Typhoon shelter style and it looked delish, with garlic, ginger and shallot, it will never go wrong. The crab dish was lipsmackingly good! As usual the crab meat was sweet, but what was amazing is that mixture of garlic and ginger crumbed! I mixed it with the steamed rice and the chilli sauce from the Venerupis, what a perfect combo, Mannnn I'm drooling while writing hehehe!

Yes, the picture below is what you get when you buy the voucher for 2 people! 37.5AUD each is such a Bargain! I can safely say that this is the first voucher that I'm satisfied with, be it the food or the service or the portion, yummeh yummeh in my tummeh ^^

Will definitely be back even without voucher! That's how good the foods are ^^

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  1. I feel my tongue going numb just looking at all those chillies! There actually used to be two Red Chilli Sichuan restaurants but the one on Little Hay Street closed.


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