Monday, August 11, 2014

Kura 3, Chinatown

Kura is probably the first Japanese restaurant that I visited when I arrived in Sydney back in 2008. It was famous among Indonesian for good and cheap Japanese food back then.  I haven't been to Kura for a good 2 or 3 years now.. As you may already know Japanese cuisine is not my favourite, but lately I was drawn to several Japanese restaurants by chance ;)

I wasn't as hungry that night so I decided to order some nibbles instead of a set. So first my attention goes to the Tamago in their entrée menu. I lovvveeee eggs and I think Tamago is one of the best type of egg cooking hhehe.. Japanese always amazed me how they make a perfect fluffy and tasty Tamago every time. Even bebski loved it!

Tamago $6.50
The second nibble that I ordered was the Wagyu Skewer. U have choices of either grilling it just with salt, sauce or with chinese spice. I chose the sauce and I'm glad I did. The sauce definitely complemented the juicy meat really well. Another thing that amazed me from Japanese cuisine is the depth of their sauce. There is a balance of sweetness and yet provides some savoury feel to it. The skewer usually comes in 2 pieces but the waitress told me that because it was "smaller in size than usual", they gave me 4 pieces :)

Wagyu Skewer $8
 I can never resist the tempt of Chicken Karage and so my last nibble should be it! They use thigh chicken which was deep fried to golden perfection. The meat was fatty and juicy and not to forget to dip it in the creamy Kewpie (Japanese MAyo), everything taste good with Kewpie!

Chicken Karage $6.50
Bebski ordered a set of Gyutan or Ox tongue which comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup. The Ox tongue was grilled and seasoned well. They were served with a bunch of baby spinach and a side of fresh salads. It was a yummy dish but it will be better if they can have more sauce in it ~~

Gyutan Set $14.90
 It was more than just a nibble as the portion was big! we ended up sharing everything hhehehe... That night reminds me about how good the food in Kura is :)

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