Monday, August 4, 2014

Lestari, Haymarket

I found another place besides Fajar that serves an amazing Nasi Goreng! The taste is so similar to those Hawkers selling the Nasi Goreng late at night around people's housing complex back in Indo.
This place has been Bebski's favourite eating spot when he was still in Uni (UTS). We forgot about how good their nasi goreng was because we have been busy exploring restaurant around the City.

Last Sunday after our short brunch in Autolyse, Bebski suggested to have a proper lunch in Lestari along with Mr.A. We arrived at 12:30 PM and the place was still empty. Their dining area is upstairs so you have to order first, pay, take your order number and go upstairs. Unless you can withstand the wind and sit outdoor downstairs hehe.

The Aunty greeted us with smile and treated us so friendly made us feel as if we're back in Jkt :) The price of the foods are quite cheap and the portion are generous too!

So to start with, we ordered Bakso Goreng or Fried giant pork balls. Eaten with a thin sweet and sour sauce. The Fried ball is not as good as the one in Pinangsia Noodle (Kingsford) but good enough as a starter :)
Bakso goreng 3 for $5
I got Bakmie Lestari or the signature Lestari noodle which is thicker than usual noodle with pork mince in top. The noodle was cooked perfectly, still has its chewiness and was seasoned really well with soy sauce and garlic base seasoning. The taste is so authentic!

Bakmi Lestari $8.80
For Bebski, he ordered Lestari Fried Rice with Roast pork - medium spicy. The aunty warned us that their chilli is really hot and for us to get the medium level first and added more chilli if needed to. They placed a cup of shrimp paste chilli on every table for extra hit! Another authentic dish from Lestari!  Don't know how they cooked it but one bite and it literally took me back to my Indo home :)

Nasi Goreng Lestari $9 plus roast pork $1
Mr.A ordered same as me but his topping was the Barbecue pork which tasted like Indonesian Pork Satay. Highly recommended if you would like to try what authentic pork satay taste like in Indonesia hehe ^^

Bbq pork noodle $10
Around 1PM, the place started to be swarmed by Indonesian patrons having their lunch. It really questioned me how can I forget such a great eating spot ;p The place may be hidden but it is worth it to find ^^

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