Monday, August 25, 2014

Ayam Goreng 99, Kingsford

I have been posting a lot of Indonesian restaurant lately. Been missing home this past weeks hehe..  Ayam goreng 99 is very famous in Kingsford area for it's grilled and fried chicken. They are also known for their HOT chilli which I loveeee!

They closed on Monday and Tuesday but the rest of the days, especially dinner, expect queues! They are popular not only among Indonesians but also others :) The interior of the place is pretty similar to restaurant that you'll find if you visit Jakarta..

The question of should I get rice and chicken or should I get the fried vermicelli always comes to mind every time I come here. But this time I'm getting both! The fried vermicelli come not long after we ordered. It's hard to describe the taste, all I can say it's Authentically Indonesian with slices of fish balls, chicken and eggs. The smoky wok aroma is just like an icing on a cake! So highly recommended. Their fried noodle is recommended as well.

Fried Vermicelli $11
Bebski ordered the Pepes Teri or Roasted anchovies in chilli, onion, tumeric and wrapped in banana leaves. If you're feeling adventurous, you are welcome to try this :) It tasted like a hard tofu with anchovies bits in it :)

Pepes teri $5
As usual, bebski got the grilled chicken. This dish is so famous that some of my Indo friends reckon that even in Indo, the grilled chicken is not as tasty as in 99! The chicken is grilled with sweet soy sauce and herbs and so u get the sweetness and also the charred goodness to it.

Grilled Chicken $6
I always get the deep fried chicken. They also have another option of the fried chicken served Javanese style which is slightly sweeter than the regular Deep fried marinated chicken. Sometimes the chicken breast can be too dry so to guarantee satisfaction, I recommend the grilled chicken or the javanese marinated or just get chicken thigh hehe..

Deep Fried Marinated Chicken (Ayam Goreng) $6
To complete the meal, a rice is a must. Sometimes I got the coconut steam rice with fried onions, but most of the time they run out of it during dinner cause it's sooo delish!
This post does not contain a lot of dishes ordered but that's because there were only 2 of us eating.
I don't think I have to say or promote much about this restaurant cause taste speaks louder than words and pictures, so go ahead and visit them!

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  1. Shirley, tinggal di area sini ya? I need to come here someday to get all this glorious Indo food, be my tour guide, please? :)

    1. iyaaa.. would love to take you on tour! hehe.. just let me know when hihi.. Btw excited for Saturday! ^^

  2. mmm that chicken looks incredible!

    1. thanksss :) The grilled chicken is better if u would like to visit :)


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