Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pinang Bistro, Kingsford

One of my favourite Indonesian restaurant for their noodle and especially the famous 'Bakso Goreng' or Fried Pork Meatball. They used to be called Pinangsia Noodle, but they moved to a bigger spot and rename the place Pinang Bistro. They serve a similar menu as before just with some addition to the dishes and increased in price ;p

The new place is child friendly, how generous of them for using this space for kids area! The restaurant is always crowded during the weekend especially after church hour, most Indonesian will come here for gathering bringing their kids along, so a perfect place to let them be :)

The new place also is very spacious! The design are simple and modern. They used to have like a corner station for all the chilli sauce and other condiments, but now, they have this handy small bowl of three consisting of the three different types of chillies for you. Yes, Indonesian can't eat without their chilli hehe

To start with, the Fried Pork Meatball! This is the one that you can't miss when u plan to visit this place. I've tried this Meatball in different places even in Jakarta but for me, this one here is the best of the best! It's hard to describe.. Its crispy on the outside, chewy and soft in the inside, I especially love the special chilli sauce that is not spicy but has that sweet and sour tangy-ness for the meatball.

$2.60 per piece
This time, I tried the Tahu Gejrot or Fried Tofu in Special sauce. The special sauce is usually a combination of brown sugar, chillies, vinegar and sweet soy sauce. Love it. Maybe because I grew up with the taste. I don't think everyone would like the special sauce. But if you're adventurous enough, go ahead :)
Tahu Gejrot $5.50
Bebski ordered the Nasi Goreng which comes with fried egg and prawn cracker. What I love from this nasi Goreng is they use Lapcheong or Chinese sausage. It is damn fatty but damn good too! Oops pardon my language hehe. The portion of this Nasi goreng was humongous that Bebski can't finish it in the end ;p It can literally feed 2 people!
Nasi Goreng Kombinasi $11.80
I ordered the Bakmi Karet BBQ Pork. The noodle is thicker than the usual egg noodle. They have an option of the thick noodle or Bakmie halus (thin noodle). They also have Mega Noodle for $15 for those of you that is really really hungry or you can just upsize the noodle of your choice for an extra $2.50

Bakmi Karet BBQ Pork $11.80
Free Dessert is one of the perks in Pinang Bistro.. they always have something to serve at the end of the meal. Sometimes it's slices of oranges, sometimes it is warm green bean in coconut milk (Bubur Kacang Hijau) and this time, my favourite, black sticky rice porridge served with a dollop of coconut milk. It was so good that I ask for more! ;p


For vegetarian or veggies lover, Pinang Bistro also have a dish called Gado-Gado which is a compilation of steamed veggies, tofu and boiled eggs mixed with Peanut sauce. One of the many authentic foods in Indonesia :)

Gado Gado $11.80
Another vegetarian option is called Ketoprak, which is consist of vermicelli, sticky rice, bean sprout and tofu served with fried shallot and prawn crackers. The sauce is basically peanut sauce but in Ketoprak the garlic is stronger than in Gado Gado and also is lighter in colour.

Ketoprak $11.80
Tek Tek Goreng (Indonesian Fried Noodle), a dish that is usually sold by Hawker going around housing complex. Pinang Bistro has recreate it into a home-style fried noodle and a more hygienic one too ;p

Tek tek goreng $11.80
The place has improved and so does the portion. Even though the price increased slightly but the foods always delivers! :)

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  1. You seem to find all the good Indo restaurants LOL! Tahu gejrot ya ampun, udah lama banget ga makan itu! :))

    1. Hehe, just bcoz i live nearby a lot of indo resto :) Tpi saosnya beda sama tahu gejrot yg biasa kt makan di jkrta hehe


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