Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Swine & Co. Sydney

A late birthday dinner celebration with my friends at Swine & co :) Very impressed with the design of the place. Swine & Co is a two storey restaurants with Deli and Bar on the Top floor and the Dining room below. Made a booking for 7 of us on a saturday at 6PM, the place was still empty, there were just a few patrons sitting outside drinking.

The place has a romantic ambiance with the dim light and an elegant table setting. To start with we were given a combination complimentary basket of sliced sourdough, cheese sticks, bacon schones, yorkshire pudding and accompanied by bacon butter *YUm!!*

My brother got Gin and Tonic for a minor pre-drink before Karaoke ;p

Not long after ordering the foods, we were given another Complimentary Chef's Special of the night of a 3 layered shot. Starting from the bottom is Crème fraîche, salmon roe in
the middle and topped with cucumber Gazpacho. It was refreshing but some of my friends find it weird hehe.

Didn't realize how long we waited but the mains came pretty fast. First we have the Famous Suckling Pig served with Pork Jus and somekind of Chutney. Bebski ordered this dish, I only tried a bite. The pig was fatty but cooked to perfection. It was melting in the mouth and the crispy skin was just like icing on a cake, super duper delish!

Suckling Pig $40
I ordered the 300g Sirlon steak. I wasn't that hungry that night so I passed on the Pork to Bebski ;) 
The steak was cooked medium well and so a bit chewy to eat. My mistake, I should've asked to cook it Medium T.T. But the meat has a smoky charred note and is served with caramelised shallot.

Sirloin Steak $33
Mr.P ordered the Pork Belly which comes in a quite small portion but big in flavour. It was served on a bed of smooth pumpkin purée, sauerkraut and pepper Jus. The pumpkin purée has a strong onion flavour which was not my favourite but the crackling as usual never fails to impress me!

Pork Belly $34
Another outstanding dish is the King Salmon. The salmon is cooked perfectly with the serving of crispy skin on top and enriched with salmon roe, what could you ask for more! 

King Salmon $35

Ms.P ordered the Ox tail which comes with a thick slice of Tuna on top and Kale in the middle. The Ox tail was packed of flavour, tender and melt in the mouth! I didn't try the tuna, not a fan of it. The dish may look simple and minute but it's actually really filling!

Ox Tail with Tuna $34

For the sides, I ordered the hand cut chips seasoned with Rosemary salt and accompanied by Aioli

A very smooth Potato Purée, probably one of the best I've eaten so far, Highly recommended as a side. But it was served in a small pan that it wasn't enough to be shared among us as it was damn good!

Last but not least I ordered the Brussels Sprout. Tried cooking Brussels sprout at home before but didn't like but this one is an exception! The Brussels sprout was cooked blue lentils, bacon, garlic and fermented chilli. All of the ingredients marries well :)

We were too full for dessert but I guess we must order something sweet to make it a meal :) So I ordered the Cheesecake. It comes de-constructed with crumbles at the bottom, caramelised figs around it and a creamy and smooth cheese log in the middle. It was light in the mouth and pretty at the same time ^^

Cheesecake $14

Overall dining experience was great here. I would like to try the swine smash but they told me that it is only served in the bar upstairs... :( Definitely need to come back for that and the pork roll! ^^
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  1. The pork belly was one of my favourite dishes here!

  2. I did regret my decision of ordering the steak.. hehehe


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