Sunday, August 3, 2014

Autolyse, Chippendale

For Sourdough lovers! A new brasserie bread bakery/cafe is now open in Central Park mall, Chippendale!

I got the chance to visit this place with Ms.B after our lunch in Takeru. It was around 3pm weekdays and the place have only some patrons in there but there were a lot of people coming and going for their coffee.
They have their coffee sourced from Ona coffee in Canberra.

The name Autolyse means giving an extra resting period for the dough to ensure that it has the optimum moisture and texture.

The breads are freshly handmade everyday. From the entrance of the place you can see a huge space for the bakers to work those magic to create The amazing Sourdough.

When you think it is a washing basin, think again! It is water station ^^ And when u thought the cup is made up of paper, well, it is made from ceramic :)

Got a peek of their delicious cakes and pastry. There wasn't much bread when I arrived, probably everything's mostly gone by now so I haven't got the chance to try their breads, yet!

Ms.B got the cheesecake. She told me that she's always picky with her cheesecake but this one was delish! It has a nice mild lemony note on it that makes you keep going for more. The cheesecake is creamy and smooth and the servings were humongous!

I got the mocha and I love it! It has a balance choc-coffee note and the sweetness is just right :)

Croissant is one of the many things make me weak at the knees! Especially when there is a layer of dark chocolate at the bottom of this perfectly fluffy and light pain au chocolat! Oh my, this is a must buy if you ever visit this place.

I would love to come back here sometimes soon to try their other treats and looking at their menu boards, they also serve tantalising breakfast menus!

SECOND VISIT (2nd Aug 2014)

Yup, I'm back for my second visit.. This time they are show casing their breads and pastries for free tasting. I came for a quick coffee waiting for Bebski's Ielts speaking test..

As usual, the croissant never fails me! So light and buttery ~~

Bebski's got the Spiral apple puff or something that was pretty sweet and caramellic in taste, and it's only 50cents each!

I also got the chai latte but the chai latte tasted more like Brewed tea with added milk and lack of the spices.

THIRD VISIT (3rd AUG 2014)

Got an invite from Tim Doyle to celebrate their Brunch launch or something.. This is the first time I was invited for a brunch so I basically don't know what to do. I came with Bebski and was wondering whether I should mention the email invite or not. The place seems so busy, there was no direction of what to do so I thought, don't bother to do that so I just order a brunch dish from the menu and try the Braised Beef with couscous and mushrooms served with sourdough

Their brunch menu prices are no more than $15 which is reasonable. The beef was moist and tender, the sourdough, no need to mention, just perfect!

Mr.A Got the hot chocolate and Bebski got his regular flat white :)
Hot Chocolate
Well, not a smooth experience regarding first brunch invite but next time I'll surely mentioned to someone in there that I got the email invite ;p Lesson Learned .....

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  1. The layers in the chocolate croissant are impressive!

    1. i know righttt :) lots of talented baker in store!^^

    2. ooh, looks good! keen to check this out this piece of canberra in sydney and see how it compares!

    3. Yes, visit there soon before it becomes too crowded heheh..


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