Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bay Vista, Brighton Le-Sands

After the feast in Hurricane, as usual, a meal is incomplete without dessert. The first plan was to have the amazing watermelon cake in Black Star Pastry but unfortunately they are closed for easter long weekend and so for our plan B, we visited Bay Vista not far from Hurricane in Brighton Le sands :)

This is the second time that I visited the place. A very good first impression at this place that made me dare to recommend it to Ms.L.

Bay Vista first established in 1991, with the owner Bill Mougios that established seafood restaurant previously in Brighton le sands area. It has undergone 3 times concept renovations until they came up with Dessert Bar & Cafe concept in 2009. Now, Bay vista offered a unique atmosphere and a full range of foods from sandwiches to sweet crepes, pancake and ice cream.

Bay Vista offer various range of cakes and pastry as well, but for me, I always for for the famous Ice cream bowls!

They also have selections of ice cream flavour and a display of the toppings for the pancake / sweet crepes. Unfortunately for the Famous Ice Cream Bowls, we can't choose the ice cream flavours.. T.T

Huge of bottles of Nutella caught our attention. I knew there and then that he'll get something with Nutella on it!

There are three sizes of the Famous Ice Cream Bowl ranging from the small one which in my opinion can still feed 3 people with one ice cream flavours and their toppings, then they have the largest bowl which is the premium with 2 ice cream flavours and a more sophisticated toppings, and the last one which is higher than premium "class", 3 scoops of ice cream but come in smaller bowl size.

I ordered the "Havana Club" Ice cream bowl which consists of banana ice cream, mango ice cream, vanilla ice cream, blueberries, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry puree and chocolate shaving. What can i say about this dessert -- DIVINE.. Perfect to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings after a hearty meal. The tanginess of the berries complemented the simple flavoured ice creams very well!

                                                    Havana CLub $19

Mr.N ordered a cheesecake. Who would've thought that the cheesecake comes with all the sweet condiments such as the vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries on top of the puree.. The cheesecake is soft and creamy with a buttery crumbly pastry at the bottom

This chocolate luscious looking dessert come under "Adult Only" section of the menu.. Pretty unique ;P Ms.P ordered it because they have espresso ice cream in it, being a coffee lover :) I'm not a fan of this dessert as Im not a coffee drinker.. But a combo of chocolate, brownie, ice cream, what's not to love?
Chocolate Brownie & Roasted Hazelnut Sundae 
THERE! Bebski ordered the Nutella ;P Apparently it is served as a side to the Italian latte.. I don't know what's the different of it being Italian? hehehe.. Well according to Bebski it's a great combo and why he never thought of it before .. He's lovin it...

Italian Latte with Nutella $4.90


Ms.J told me that the pancake in Bay Vista tasted better than MAax Brenner, so my sister, as MaxB waffle fan was curious and tried this out! She said it was comparable.. Not sure if she mean this one is better? O.o
I quite like it, for me, the waffle is not as sweet which I like, and the classic combo with strawberries, banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce never fails to impress me :)
Pancake with the lot
Cool Ibiza.. As the name implies, the combination of flavour and ingredients here are just cooling and refreshing! It consists of Mango, passionfruit and vanilla ice cream, the toppings includes pineapple, mango, peaches, whipped cream and yoghurt chips. yum yum yum
Cool Ibiza $19

Overall for me, Bay Vista is a great spot to hang out and chillin with your friends with the sea view infront of you.. The portion is as big as the money worth. The service is just okay but the desserts are wonderful!
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