Friday, April 11, 2014

Toms N Toms, Chinatown

Last Saturday night, after a long drive back from Albury, we decided to meet up with our friends in the city for dessert, as we had dinner on our way back. So we went to Tom N Toms.
Tom N Toms Coffee is another korean cafe in Sydney CBD. The first store opened in Barthurst st and now they also open another one in Chinatown area.

Delicious and tempting array of cake and breads!!

I must say that I prefer the one in Chinatown as it has more space and it is more cozy than the other one. it has an open door concept where you can feel the breeze at night. They also has better lightning here.

Also, they have a second floor area below which is very comfortable for student studying/doing their assignments or for someone cafe-ing alone ;p I shudve taken some pic of the area downstair but its too crowded with people already starring at me while I'm carrying my Camera hihih..

Let's go to the menus! Bebski got the blended Iced Green Tea, which for me is too sweet and the green tea favour is too strong. It's not very milky but the drink is still refreshing. It would be better if they could blend the powder better as it is also quite grainy for me..

Honey bread... The most popular dish here. The bread was perfectly toast, it is soft in the inside and still has a good crisp on the egde. Topped with caramel and whipped cream, drizzled with cinnamon powder. Nothing beats this combo! Even though I don't really eat the cream but Warm toasted Bread with Cinnamon and caramel is good enough for me ~~ Too bad I was quite full that night that I only had a bite or two... T.T

Writing this post makes me drooool for honey bread..!!
Will definitely visit toms n toms soon for the honey bread and is really keen to try their Tortilla Pazza!
Great Place ^^


After brunch and waiting for dinner, what better place to spend your time in other than here in TOms n TOms Chinatown, blogging and cafe-ing :)

Bebski got Cookies & Cream, sweet and creamy with fluffy soft cake at the bottom, topped with oreo biscuit,,,
Cookies & Cream Cake $4.90
Mr.P got the Tiramisu cake with a nice alcoholic note in it.. Not too overpowering and the cake has a nice texture to it.. I prefer this one than the cookies & cream

Mr.P also got the strawberry smoothies which is milky and creamy :) Not too sweet as well..
Regular Strawberry Smoothie $5.70

For me, away from the creamy milky drink, I got the Orange Ade which is orange concentrate with sprite.. Is a simple drink but quite refreshing :)
Orange Ade $4.50


Rose Flower Herb Tea
A new favourite drink of mine in Toms N Toms.. The sweet potato latte. It is interesting how they use it in a latte and surprisingly it turned out to be very delicious!
Sweet Potato Latte $4.50
Caramel TomNccino $6.90

Tom n Toms on Urbanspoon

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