Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Good Eggs, Surry Hills

Two Good Eggs Cafe is located in the hidden corner in Surry hills on Goulburn st. Maybe because of it's location that not many people know the existence of this little gem... I came to visit this place on the Easter Monday Holiday and there was no queue but the place was filled with a number of patrons. One of the reason for my visit is the pork belly special that my sister showed me through her pictures! She told me that this is one of the many brunch places that serves a generous portion of food with good value..

The decoration is quite simple which makes it homey to me. The cafe is pretty laid back and there is no rush whatsoever to order or to leave as there was no queue. Its a good place to catch up with friends or maybe doing assignments? :)

To start with... Coffee.. I must say, I started this blog being not a fan of coffee. But as I visited quite a number of Brunch places, I started to like them.. Oh oh,,, I got the mocha which according to Bebski is quite flat. Now that I think about it, maybe because of the strong hazelnut syrup in his flat white that makes my mocha bland for him.

Mocha $3.80
The hazelnut syrup in the flat white is surprisingly creating a whole new level of flat white :)
Flat white with Hazelnut Syrup $3.80 + 50cents
I had a bit of a dilemma choosing the food. As i was saddened by the fact that the pork belly special is no longer available, I have to choose between the chorizo stack or prawn liguini... So I let Bebski and Mr.P to order first.. I then asked the waiter which is better, even she has a hard time recommending ;P

Prawn & Chorizo Linguini $18
I didn't regret my decision at all! It was lipsmackingly good! The linguini is al dente, the prawn is fresh, sweet and juicy. The chorizo, well fatty but enticing and the oil that they use to coat everything together is very pleasant. Can't get enough of this dish..! I Highly Recommend it!

Bebski got the pulled pork sandwich with hand cut chips. I asked him twice confirming his order cause pulled pork sandwich didn't look appetizing or special enough for me.. I was hoping that he will change his mind and order the Chorizo and Hash Brown stack ~~ 

Pulled pork sandwich $18

Sadly, he still ordered it T.T .. As I thought, plain regular sandwich, nothing special about it exceot the size of the sandwich! The pulled pork is moist but lacks flavour in my opinion, and nothing better than a hand cut chips and pickled Jalapenos ~~

Mr.P, also torn apart between a couple of salmon menus ended up choosing the "Gym Guru", apparently the waitress didn't ask him whether he wants bacon/ham/salmon and he ended up getting the bacon. TO his disappointment, he didn't want to complain and so he got an extra salmon pieces for $4.80
The salmon that came amazed me, it wasn't just 1-2 pieces, it was 4-5 big pieces!! Very generous of them to give such a portion ^^

Gym Guru $19.90

Gym guru consist of scrambled egg white with spinach, mushroom, avocado, a choice of smoked salmon, ham or bacon and tomato sauce. After around 15mins into the food, Mr.P said that this is the first brunch meal that took him a long time to finish :) Hence the generous portion ,,,

Overall, it was a great brunch experience and will definitely be back once they have the Special Pork Bely menu back on! I will be checking their facebook page on any updates :)
Give it a try guys, its worth every penny you spent!
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