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Home Thai, Sydney

Easter break finally come and my friend from Brisbane, Ms.L, is coming to Sydney for vacation/Room hunting as she is moving to Sydney soon! :) I asked her what she would like for dinner... And she said Thai food.. Which better Thai restaurant to promote to my tourist friend if its not HOME Thai :) We went on Good Friday. Thank GOD its open and no public holiday annoying surcharge ;)

We arrived 6pm sharp and the place was already full. We have to queue and waited for a good 20mins. Home Thai has their kitchen displayed from a clear window glass. That is where the yummy fried sticky dough made and all other good fried stuffs. All of the chef looks busy at their own station and impressing the customer with their fast service as always ^^

Sticky dough frying station
An array of dessert components also being displayed on the entrance path.. A very smart marketing strategy to entice customer to always get their dessert :) And its working pretty well on me heheh..

We finally get seated on the second floor on a supposedly table-for-4 but they fit 6 of us in T.T Eating was a struggled I should say, but all of us didn't mind it considering the delicious foods that we were eating at that time .. I got the chance to shoot a picture of the busy kitchen from above. . .

For entree... I got the deep fried pork with Nam Jim Jeow sauce which a tamarind sauce with chilli powder.
Unfortunately, the dish does not impress me.. The pork is quite dry and chewy but it has good flavour especially if you dip it in the Nam Jim sauce..
Deep fried pork $9.90
I was so happy that there were a lot of us dining as we can order a variety of dishes! The next dish to come out is the Soft Shell Crab with Mango salad (green mango, lemongrass,coriander, kaffir lime leaves, cashew nuts and roasted coconut with spicy tangy sauce). This is probably the only salad I've ever tried in Home.. Would love to try mixed papaya salad in my next visit :)
Soft shell crab salad $16.90

And then one by one the meat dishes arrived. First we have the usual.. Pad Pik Khing Moo krob.. Crispy pork belly with dried red curry sauce, green beans and chilli.. Pik Khing sauce is a red curry sauce that was fried in oil and does not have coconut milk added so it is considered as a dried curry sauce :)
The Pork belly is cooked perfectly crispy and juicy. The let down is the green bean for me as it was still quite raw.. I also like that this dish has a good punch of spiciness
Pad Pik Khing Moo Krob $15.50

I usually don't order the Salmon curry but this time is an exception.. I would like to show Ms.L that HOME does not only has the usual chicken/beef/pork penang curry but the exceptionally moist and perfectly cooked salmon curry. Love the sauce. It has the right thickness and the curry is just mild..
Panang Curry with Salmon $16.90

Pad Kra Pao Chicken is the next dish. As all other pad kra pao has and taste like.. but I think this one has more sugar/sweet soy sauce hence the colour and the sweetness
Chicken Pad Kra Pao $13.90
For the first time in HOME that I ordered a Prawn Dish from the Stir Fry menu, cause usually it will be pork all the way ~~ But it surprised me that the prawn was delicious! The garlic and pepper sauce is a perfect combo for the sweet juicy prawns. The prawns are served on top of steam broccoli.. More veggies on the table, puhlease... ;P
Garlic & Pepper Prawns $17.90
Everything was pretty much gone in under 30mins as all of us were starving.. Good Friday, Good Dinner, Good Friends :)

So Tell me Dear Reader, What did you have for your Good Friday Meal?
Home Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Steamed Dim sim 5 pcs $5.90

I Highly recommend the dimsim for your starter here. It is made with pork, prawn and water chesnut, served with black vinegar sauce which for me is a good trigger for your palate before mains :) Seriously can't get enough of that sauce..
Fresh Spring Roll $9.90

The filling of the spring roll are cucumber, tofu, beansprout, eggs, chicken mince and chinese pork sausage topped with crab meat and sweet tamarind sauce. I also love this entree as it is fresh and has a good crunchy texture with all the veggies. Beware though if you're not a fan of raw beansprout~!
Mango with sticky rice
I usually get the fried sticky dough with pandan sauce which I don't have a picture of it but Im pretty sure most of you will notice it being fried at the front counter.. And the pandan sauce, my oh my, not too sweet for me and has a really good pandan flavour punch.. The mango and sticky rice is ok for me.. Each of the sticky rice has different flavour and it is still a worthy dish to try :)

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