Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, Sydney

 During the 15 minutes break that I got during the sales meeting at work this week, I got the chance the find out about this Crab Carnival event happening in the The Morrison Bar. The event run from 1-13th April and includes activities such as chef celebrity crab eating contest and also crab races. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately I found out about this quite late that I missed all those fun stuff! But its not too late to enjoy the crab menus that they offer :)

I was hesitating to go there today as I read the review in Urbanspoon and its pretty poor in the service and the food is ordinary. Struggling with myself until Bebski helped me made the decision to go as I have been thinking to go since Friday ;P
Arrived around 12PM and we were seated at the end of the room even though they have the window seating pretty much empty. Quite disappointed in that manner ;(

Without looking further ado to the menu, as always I am prepared with the dishes to order.

First is the Crab taco. Served on top of fresh lettuce, with caviar, chardonnay Vinaigrette and fresh chilli. Almost looks like Chinese Style San Choy Bow ;) The combination works really well for me. I got the good punch from the dressing and hit of spiciness from the chilli which I loveee.. The crab meat is fresh too. But $6 for a small serving is quite expensive in my opinion...
Crab taco $6ea
The the second dish which is the soft shell crab with wasabi mayo came. I was surprised to see that the portion is really small T.T That was not the picture that I saw in their Instagram page :( Apart from the portion, the soft shell crab was well crumbed and deep fried. And the wasabi mayo is creamy, had a balance wasabi flavour too. I quite like this dish :)
Soft Shell Crab with Wasabi mayo $10
The last dish that we ordered, Chilli Crab Linguine with lemon, chilli, parsley and mint.  I dont know why they have chilli on the name as I cant really taste them  ... The sauce is creamy at just the right level and they also are quite generous with the crab meat. The let down for me is the overcooked linguine. I love my pasta always al dente or it'll be too mushy after awhile with the sauce on it.
Chilli Crab Linguine $28
After the meal, with the bill came this "Fortune-telling" fish along. The instructions is to put it on your palm and it'll curl. The direction to which it curl up will determine you personality or something.. Quite an interesting that Bebski got "Jealousy" as it curl up mostly the head and I got "in-love" as both head and tail curls at the same time ;)

Overall dining experience is good not great :) At least I have feed my curiosity to try out the "Crab Carnival" thingy and I hope I win the Crab Carnival Stay-Cation!
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