Friday, April 11, 2014

My Sweet Memory (MSM), Sydney

This is one of the cafe in the city that Me and my friends usually hangs out in. We lovee the green tea latte here and also patbingsu that is a typical Korean Icy Dessert for summer. All of the people who work here are koreans and most of the customers are too. Should I safely say that it is a Korean owned cafe? As well as TomsNToms, TiAmo and Oliver Brown to name a few.. :p

The cafe is always pact with people. Some students come here too to study as their design is very unique and cozy. They have opened up 2 shops in the city and 2 others in suburb (Chatswood & Strathfield)

Lets see some pics now!^^
Green Tea Latte $4.60

What I love about their Green tea Latte is that it is milky and creamy but yet the green tea note is there being not too overpowering the drink.


My brother and my friends ordered these two. Im not a coffee drinker, I always choose Mocha so apparently according to them, the coffee here is really good. :)


So here is my drink, a tropical smoothie. I feel like something cold today so I got the Banana & Passionfruit combo. I loveeee banana, banana fruit, milk, drink, everything! The Smoothie is very refreshing and that passionfruit crunch makes the drink even better :) My new fave drink in MSM^^

 Tropical Smoothie (banana & passionfruit) $5.60

Watching a lot of korean drama makes me quite familiar with the name patbingsu. Or red bean shaved ice cream in translation. Don't know what happen to this menu but the last time I ordered, they said that Red Bean supply is running low so they might take this out from the menu *SOB*

Patbingsu $7.90
As I never had Authentic patbingsu before, So I assume the taste here and in Korea are similar hehe.. At the bottom of the bowl is shaved ice, then topped with Green tea Ice cream which is DIVINE and drizzled with condensed milk! The sides includes colourful mochi, red bean, and sweetened cereal/cornflakes. I don't even want to know how much calories are there in a bowl, Its just so mouth watering and sweet and delicious!

I Should try thier dessert next time :)

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