Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Meat & Wine Co, Darling Harbour

It was my 5th Year Anniversary on 8th April and Bebski made a reservation in Meat & Wine Co for our dinner :) It was a Tuesday night so I was expecting a quite and relaxing dinner with him. Arrived in Darling Harbour around 7:35PM, Our bookings is not until 8PM, but we figure that they might have an empty table for us already. Went there, the waitress told us that we should come back in half an hour as per our booking time. It was a full house even on a Tuesday night.

So I thought, well, fair enough we made the bookings at 8 and they do have two seating time, at 6:30PM & 8PM. So we went around Harbour side shopping center and at ard 7.54, we were back to ask for a table and the waitress again told us that we still have 6mins to wait! I was so hungry that it pisses me off. They shudve prepared a table 15mins in advanced ;(

8:15PM, the waitress apologized and said that the table is not ready yet. Apparently the customer who were seating in our table hasn't ask for the check yet T.T Complain aside, we finally seated and we were so hungry that it took us 2mins to decide what we want.

For starter, both of our attention goes to the Pork Belly! We are pork lovers and "pork Crackling" is an inviting words for us hihihi
High Country Pork Belly $16

The pork belly is char grilled to perfection, it has that sweet caramelised note from the palm sugar and the crackling on top give a good finishing sensation in the mouth. The meat is so tender and juicy! Not very fond of the salad as raw sprout is not my favourite :) We finish the entree within 5minutes!

For mains, I ordered the 200g eye fillet as they said that that was the leanest cut they have. Im not a big fan of fat, crisy pork belly is an exception though ;P
200g Eye Fillet $34

The steak has a good char on it, very tasty and I asked for Medium and I got Medium ;) One thing missing is the salad. Don't know why but here, they only serve steak with one sides and its your choice to go for chips/mash/veggies/rice. I also got the mushroom sauce as my sides.

Bebski, a big eater as always got the 500g Wagyu Rump Steak. Couldn't believe he actually finished it off!
500g Wagyu Rump $48

Im not a fan of rump, so I guess it tasted okay for me :)
I was quite tempted by their side of sauteed mushroom. I was hesitating at first whether I should get it or not. But when my steak arrived and looking at how small it was, I ordered the mushroom straight away hehe..
Button Mushroom Sauteed with Onions

The mushroom has a good onion fragrance covering it. But I think they burnt the onion quite alot as I got that bitter burn note in some of the mushroom. I didn't finished it in the end.

It was a good night but not great. The service is not as usual. It was really hard to get the waiters attention and so we decided to get dessert elsewhere. But here are a pic of the dessert that we ordered in our previous visit
The Sweet Finale $29

It was a selection of mini version of their desserts; consisting of Chocolate & pistachio fondant, Honey & Cinnamon Creme Brulee, Berry pot cheese cake, milk tart and vanilla bean Ice Cream

Overall dining; The food is good, this time the service is a let down. I am a regular customer to this place but now, to come back here or not is a question mark to me ;)

For the real dessert that we got after dinner iss.... None other than our favourite ice cream place, Andersen's!!

Cheery Brandy & Hazelnut Rocher

Our favorite ice cream flavour has always been the Cherry Brandy. With the good punch of alcoholic note and a mashed cherry is an amazing combo! The hazelnut is alright for me. My other favourite would be the rum&raisin or the strawberry Cream :)

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! The sweet finale and icecream @ Andersen's look delicious. Best wishes! :)

  2. I love this post! I really wanna go Meat & Wine Co. someday! The perfect way the celebrate your anniversary :D

    1. Thanks :) U shud really try the pork belly when u visit the place ^^


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