Thursday, April 17, 2014

Papi Chulo, Manly

As part of our office activity, we did a 6 week challenge called EAT.MOVE.LIVE in which we were given task by Vitality works organisation to achieve the goals every week and the reward for the winning team is free lunch on company expenses.. And guess what,,, My Team WON!

As our office is located near Manly area, my colleague asked me two days ago where should we celebrate the lunch. And without doubt I answer in an instant "Papi Chulo"! I have been wanting to visit the place since months ago and the good thing is I won't be paying for the meal hihihi..

I made the booking for 5 people at 1PM.. It was still quite empty when we arrived which is good that we will get our order quickly :) As I am there with my colleague, I can't really make the decision what to order. Thankfully, 2 of them agreed on the meat platter while the other 2 will have the burgers :)

We were given plastic bibs but as usual, we hardly wear them ;P

The first one to arrive is the burger along with the colourful pickles. I have never seen pickled cauliflower before! ^^ But for my curious tastebuds, I tasted each and every one of them ^^ I really dont mind the gherkins and radish pickles. Its somehow compliment the saltiness of the meat.

Papi Chulo Burger $18
Papi Chulo Burger (Grain fed beef, american cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato, lettuce inside soft bun). Why they decided to choose this out of the many selections was because the burger had 'Papu Chulo' name on it and they thought it must be their most favourite and famous ones ^^ But when I come back soon, I will order the Smoked Pork Cuban Sandwich!
Unfortunately I can't taste the burger but I'm pretty sure it tasted great as my friends ate them with great joy on their faces as I was droolingggg looking at them waiting for my food :)

Not long afterwards come the curly fries. It was golden and crunchy. It has been treated well and we can't get enough of it!
Curly Fries $9
And Finally... Our Beloved meat platter for the 3 carnivores!! The Meat Platter consists of half rack lamb ribs, 150g wagyu brisket, smoked pork belly slices, pulled pork and 4 soft rolls.. It was enough to feed the three of us but definitely won't be enough for a fourth person ;P

The pulled pork is so juicy and the wagyu brisket is tender. I am not a fan of the pork belly as it has fat layers that is not crispy ... But what I loveeee is the Lamb Ribs! It is flavoursome and smoky and sweet and sticky! yuuummm~~ Definitely will order a full rack when Im back ^^

Overall.... I LOVE Papi Chulo!! It has a nice view, nice atmosphere, great service, good food and will definitely come back to try the smoked hot chicken wings, empanadas, croquettesand the sandwiches!!!
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  1. lucky you! the meat platter looks fantastic, can't wait to try out papi chulo!

    1. THe HungryFoodTechApril 22, 2014 at 2:58 PM

      I highly recommend the lamb ribs! :) But if you like the fatty meat like one of my colleague, u'll love the roast pork :)


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