Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sushi talk to Chef, Maroubra

Bebski friend, Mr.M who is a chef in Seven lanterns (Sylvania) visited us Monday night and yay for me, that means I don't have to prepare dinner as we will definitely dine out! We were planning to have Indo food but we just remembered that most indo restaurant closed on Monday for some reason, dont know why ;P

So we decided to try out the Korean/Japanese shop in Pacific Square just besides Nandos. From memory it was just Korean restaurant selling bibimbap. But I guess it doesn't help the business much so they add more menus such as Sushi and Bento Boxes.

The setting of the area is outdoor seating and it was a chilly night, so I thought maybe eating here is not the wisest choice.. The prices of the foods here I must say are quite cheap and the portion is really big too! So Bargain!! ^^

Bebski decided to try out the ramen as he needs something soupy to warm his body up..
Beef Ramen $8.50
The ramen noodle is the noodle that you get from the Korean Instant Noodle. The beef is well marinated and the soup is light. I can taste the kimchi juice in the soup too, but its not as sour as the kimchi :)

I got the Beef Bibimbappp!! Would love hot rice and some veggies tonight...
Beef Bibimbap $10
The bibimbap comes with miso soup and a drink as well and the portion is quite big for myself. The amount of veggies & meat are in good proportions. The disappointment for me is the rice is just warm and the Gochujang sauce is pretty thin. Its like they have diluted it further with water. Other than that, everything tasted good.

Mr.M order the pork katsu bento box & Jumbo Sushi Soft shell crab..!
Pork Katsu Bento $9.90
Another generous portion for the price and the Jumbo Soft shell crab is delicious! They made the sushi fresh and the soft shell crab is still warm, nice and crispy! No wonder it took them about 15 mins to prepare them and as the name denotes, it is JumBo!:) and it comes with a drink too.

Soft Shell Crab Jumbo Sushi $10

Overall, Full tummy, Happy Customer! The service is really good, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is alright for me. Might try the bento myself next time and maybe the Jumbo sushi too hhehehe ;P

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