Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Bended Elbow, Albury

After the working part done in Albury.. Now is happy free timeee :) Went back to the hotel to meet up with Bebski and went around the city for lunch. I had a list of restaurant to choose from but every one of them is Western and only one Japanese and when we looked into the menu and it wasn't really inviting for us. I asked Bebski what he feels like eating and suddenly he said "Steak"! Ok, The Bended Elbow it is!

The Bended Elbow is a British Ale House and served a good variety of foods. They are open for functions too: Birthdays, Engagement, Corporate Meeting, etc. They also has a rooftop bar and they transformed to a Club on Friday and Saturday night.

The Design was pretty unique and true to the British culture :)

It was really cozy inside and there were quite full when we arrived. But after waiting a bit, we finally got a table :) We look at the menu and we have to order in the bar and pay straight away. then we were given an alarm that beeps when the foods are done.

Tried the Pink Lady Apple Cider. Which tasted like GreenSand but less sweet. Can't really taste the apple notes too but Bebski really like it alot!

 I ordered 3 dishes and asked for water from the Bar Lady. She then asked me "3 glass of water?", Im like "No, two. Three Dishes is just because we like to eat". and she replied with a smile "There's really nothing wrong with that".

Pulled Pork Sliders 3 for $10

The pulled pork sliders come in a crusty crunchy mini buns and was served with asian slaw. The pulled pork is really dry that we need to put tomato sauce to help with the swallowing. But they are really well seasoned. I would really like to have some dressing in the slaw though..

400g Rib Eye $33

Bebski ordered the steak with mushroom sauce which cooked to perfection and has that char grilled flavour on it. The meat is tender as well.

Pork Belly with Apple sauce, chips and salad $23

The winner of the dishes! The pork belly. Bebski fell in love with the Pork Belly and he reckon that this is the best he's ever eaten :P 
I agree that the pork belly is really crunchy as they roast the pork belly and then deep fried to golden crunch. But, it was wayyy too salty for me. I think they put too much salt! But the apple sauce really helps to balance out those saltiness and overall it was a delicious meal!

Overall dining experienced was great. Highly recommend this place. No wonder it was pact with people even when we left.. ^^
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