Saturday, April 26, 2014

Seoul Ria, Sydney

Seoul Ria is one of my go-to K restaurant in Sydney.. Amongst my friends, Kan pungki is our favourite menu to order. The place is located right in the middle of george st, on the top level besides Fujiya. My friends and I had an early dinner on Friday and so the place is still quite empty, which is a good thing. I've came here once on a Saturday night and there were a long queue for table!

Not long after ordering, the Banchan came..

From all of those above, my favourite has to be the Kimchi and Kkwarigochujjim..
The kimchi I should say is my favourite among other korean places I've been to. It has the right garlic onion note, with a balance of sourness and chilli flavour :)

And the Steamed Shishito Pepper or kkwarigochujjim which is a green wrinkly chilli that is sweet and very mild. This is my new favourite banchan! I tried looking up the recipe but it seems quite time consuming with the steaming and all.. But I will definitely give it ago in the future :)

Our first dish is the Seafood Pajeon. I was looking at the menu and saw the price for it being $18, was pretty shocked cause usually seafood pajeon cost only ard $13-14, but then when the dish came, I finally get it! The size is huge, I mean HUGGGEE!
Seafood Pajeon $18

Unfortunately, the seafood pajeon is not as crispy and flavoursome as the one from Madang. It was quite thick and gooey. I don't quite like it T.T 
But the food is getting better from here onwards :)

Then we have the Kang Pung Gi which is a korean-chinese dish of sweet and spicy deep fried chicken. For some reason the Kang Pung Gi in Seoulria is really delicious. The sauce has a good balance with the cubed vegetables of corn, capsicum, carrot, peas, onion and chilli make it a delectable dish.
Kang Pung Gi $30

My colleague at work recommend me to try their hotpot. As I always got YukGaejang or Budaejigae, this time, we decided to try the Jjampong Jeon gol which is a spicy seafood stew with udon noodle at the bottom. My oh my, it was so goooddd.. Not too spicy, and yet has good chilli note, rich, with fresh seafood and the chewy noodle! Fell in love with this hotpot!! It was an enjoyable dish with so many texture in one pot...

Jjampong Jeon Gol $48
There were 4 of us (3 Guys with huge appetite ;P) dining and sharing these 3 dish and yet we still can't finish it all! They seriously serve a big portion of food and flavours :)
Highly Recommended to get your hotpot hit in cold days!

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