Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gumshara Ramen, Chinatown

Despite the heavy rain last Sunday, Bebski & I were persistent to spend the day in the city. I was thinking that morning what should be good in this cold day. I remembered Mr.US told me that the new Jap Place where Dog Dog Japan used to be serves a great black curry rice. Also, I came across a new place in George st called Two Sticks. I read some reviews and they serve a pretty decent noodle soup.

In the end, we had lunch in the foodcourt below Harbour Plaza Chinatown, its just because we will be going to Capitol Square and chinatown was the nearest place to eat. It has been quite a while since I visited this food court. 

Arriving wet in the food court, I can see not so many people there during that lunch hour. Good, I don't have to queue for Gumshara ramen!! I had Gumshara once before in my first year here but I didn't like it. I'm thinking to give it another go as the place has been rewarded as Sydney Food Blogger Choice Award 2013 and maybe my taste bud was undeveloped then ;P

My eyes is searching for the one with Pork Ribs! And there it was, on the right hand corner of the menu! Looking at the plain soup on the picture, I was tempted to get the chilli bomb (might be good!) and adding some soft boiled egg to it giving some colour

Pork Ribs Ramen $15.50 + $3.50 extra
I was right! The chilli bomb does add spicy note on the ramen. Of course, Ive tasted the soup without mixing the chilli bomb first. Buttttt the chilli bomb is so gooodd in the soup! It not just a handful of chilli + miso paste but also some mince pork in it. The soup is thick and rich. I also added some more chilli on the sides as the whole dish needs bit more spiciness for me. And the fatty luscious pork ribs was cooked to perfection. It has the right saltiness for me and has a punch of flavour! I think this has become my Top No.1 Ramen in Sydney now...
What a meal for this cold day!! 

Bebski got the Curry Rice King Set from a Jap place across Gumshara. They are pretty yummy too .. But that size for a curry is too big that my palate got tired from the sauce.

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After lunch, as usual, dessert! was craving Emperor's puff all of the sudden. Hoping the queue won't be as long as it was still drizzling. But, I am totally wrong. Can't believe my eyes looking at the long queue ;P I guess the custard puff can be warming for this day.

I was going to buy just 3 pieces for me but as we move along the queue, Bebski told me that we better get more than that ;P So we bought 12 pieces!

It was sooo delish! Fluffy, eggy, creamy and warmmmm.... ^^ A nice sweet treat after the savoury Ramen in Gumshara...

Overall a great meal for a cold rainy day! 
Readers, Do you add a lot of chilli into your ramen? And will you queue for something you really crave for? :)

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  1. My mouth literally waters reading this post LOL. Today's weather is definitely a perfect one for Gumshara, I need to revisit!

    1. Yes... i heard that this weekend will be so wet! A good bowl ramen is necessary ;p


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