Monday, May 12, 2014

La Mamma del Gelato ANITA, Chippendale

La Mamma del Gelato which means Mom's Ice cream. What a catchy phrase to lure you into this hidden store behind the new Living Mall called Central park in Chippendale. My sister told me about this place before and I decided to try it out as my friend also recommend me to try the Cookie Man ice cream.

The place is bright, covered with glass on all sides and the waitress are friendly. Greeting us with smile and asking us if we would like try any flavour and so I did try quite a bit before making the decision. They have a lot of flavour variants that are really tempting with their attractive colours.

Apart from ice cream, they also serve frozen yoghurt, and must I say that toppings are UNLIMITED! I hope its forever not just for a few months! Unfortunately we were quite full from the feast in Papprich to even try much here :(

Finally I got the Jumbo size ice cream which let me choose 3 flavours of giant scoops of ice cream. I did get the Cookie Man which has soft crumbed biscuits inside, The Mascarpone Strawberry (My favourite) and the Black forest which has a nice hint of liquor ^^ I think that the price for their ice creams are really affordable. $8 for 3 Jumbo Scoops is worthed! The ice cream being smooth, creamy and not too sweet is a positive points for me!

Not the most appealing picture! Sadly, the waitress didn't ask me if I would like the ice creams in cup or cone :( Would definitely have the cone next time!

Mr.P got the Sugar Free Hazelnut ice cream. Nice nutty note with profound hazelnut flavour and still has the ice cream sweetness for me.

There were a lot of Indonesians when I visited this place. Well, I think typically we loves our food and most of the time we gather with our friends, we would always talk about eating and foods :)

Definitely worth a trip and a try! Will definitely come back. I think Anita is my second best go-to ice cream spot after Andersen's!

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  1. I love this place! Try the Ferrero Rosher next time, the best for me! And really nice to stumble upon your blog, always love to know Indonesian-Sydney food blogger hehe. Salam kenal, Shirley! :D


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