Friday, May 9, 2014

Kozy Korean BBQ, Sydney

Kozy Korean BBQ located in Wilmot St, quite hidden from the big city crowd but it seems that many people know the existence of this joint. Went there for dinner with Bebski and 2 of my friends. I remembered a very cold windy night is the reason why we're looking for Korean Hotpot to warm us up.

The place is spacious and cozy. It was almost a full house when we arrived. Behind us was a group of people chatting and drinking soju, besides us was a big Korean family talking and laughing, it was a lively atmosphere in there..

They don't have the Fried Chicken on the menu yet but I noticed the menu photo on the wall that says 'Kozy Chicken' and apparently the table besides us order the Fried Chicken with Gochujang sauce. That convinced me even more to order it ;)

Not long after ordering, as usual the banchan came out.. Loveeeee their banchans! They have the steamed chilli pepper in the fish cake dish which I like...

Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake), its like a rule of thumb to order haemul pajeon as one of the dish to accompany any hotpot. They nailed this dish! The pajeon is thin and crispy. The sauce is a simple vinegar - soy sauce mix and it has brown onion in the pancake. Spring onion is enough torture for me T.T
Haemul Pajeon $12
 For the Hotpot, we got the Osam Jeongol which is squid and pork belly casserole, with vegetables, tofu in hot and spicy soup. Bebski loves the soup! This is probably the second hotpot (after seoul ria) that I see him eating Korean Hotpot with joy ^^ The soup is light but flavourful with the crunch from the cabbage and bean sprouts and so many mushrooms that I love. It would be better though if they partly fried the pork belly so the fat is not too soft and chewy....

Osam Jeongol $35
 Korean black rice instead of white!! Loveeed it! Sticky and fluffy :)

A shot of the soup in my blates (Bowl + Plates), I can hardly describe what to call it as it's not a bowl but also not entirely a plate ;P

Finally the chicken arrives! We ordered the original one... Unfortunately, it is not as good as what I've imagined. The coating is just a plain flour and I can still taste the flour + oil note on it. The chicken does not have much flavour. It's just like frying chicken at your home ^^ It's their new menu, I hope they'll improve it over time...

Original Kozy Chicken $25
Overall, dinner was good. The service is outstanding, the staffs are friendly and helpful. Maybe next time I should go for the BBQ :)

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