Friday, May 23, 2014

Mr.Crackles, Darlinghurst

Mr. Crackles ~~ Who doesn't get tempted just by the name. This small shop is located in Oxford st, Darlinghurst and opens up until late on Friday and Saturday night. They serve not only rolls but also plate of Meats & Salads and an array of sides like sweetpotato chips, buffalo wings and also the famous Cup of CRACKLING, yuumm!

From what I read, to produce that succulent, juicy and melt in the mouth meat, it took 3 days for the pork to be prepared. First is the important part, seasoning the pork itself and braising it slowly for 10hours before it gets roasted to get that perfect crispy skin.

Look at those cracklings, seriously I can just nibble on them any time of the day! 

The sweet potato wedges is freshly made and served with chilli aioli. I love it. I think that the sweet potato has been cut to a prefect size where there is still a crunch and a bite to it. The sweetness goes well with the sprinkled salt and the creamy aioli,,, The price is pretty reasonable too with the portion that you'll get :) 

Sweet Potato Wedges $7.5

And then, the must try, Cup of crackling!! Can't say much about this one, just Deliciousss, Crispy, Porky goodness!
Cup of Crackling $5
I always get the crackles classic cause a cup of crackling is never enough ;P
The rolls is not as soft as the usual Vietnamese roll but I quite like the chewy texture of it. The fillings is more to coleslaw for me than Vietnamese salad, but they do have coriander though that makes it a bit towards the Viet side ;p And the roasted pork pieces is placed on top show casing the lucious meats..

A closer look to it, hehehe,,

On my next visit here, I will definitely try the lamb roll, the mini hot dogs and another cup of crackling :)

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