Monday, May 19, 2014

Yummy Chinese BBQ, Haymarket


When the place is first open, I walked passed by it and tempted to try a skewer chinese buffet which I never been in one. But looking at the price and the risk of it being unsuitable to my pallet is something that always made me think twice before entering. Luckily, they once had a voucher in scoopon for their lunch buffet and came back with Bebski for their usual dinner buffet which was great. We love the food, the selections of skewers, hot and cold bar have a great variety of chinese / scezhuan style cooking.

Recently, they offer another lunch buffet voucher in Groupon and I decided to get it again! What a great value for $11 pp for lunch.... So we went on Saturday. The place was quite full of people and without any further waiting, we immediately took the foods and started to eat.

Let me go through each food stations. The first that you will see once you entered the place was the rice and soup station on the right. At the end of path, they have the drinks, cutlery and also noodle soup station.

They have a glass cupboard full of skewer selections when you dine at night. But for the lunch buffet, they only offer the lamb skewer in which they will cook it and bring it to your table instead of cooking on the automated rotating griller located on each table.

The food station is split into two part, first is the entree (Chinese banchan), fruit and dessert and the second one is the hot food bar.

This is what I got for my lunch hehe..
I like most of their side dishes such as the seasoned cucumber, scezhuan beef slices, radish salad and some boiled peanuts... And from the hot food bar, I pretty much get a bit of everything.. The stir fired clams in Ginger and Scallion sauce is sooooo good! The clams are fresh and well seasoned. I have to compete with other patrons to get the dish as it runs out pretty fast..

I also got salt and pepper calamari which I think is cooked perfectly. The calamari being not chewy :) Also loved the pan fried dumplings, poached fish fillet in scezhuan oil (yummeh!) and they also have assorted fish balls in scezhuan oil and the best part is they have the fish ball with fish roe in it!

I also tried their noodle soup which has an authentic szechuan flavour to it, topped with cilantro which I loved and a slice of beef that is well seasoned. The soup is not hot and yet not cold. So I'm a bit confused as to what the dish was supposed to be like? But whop cares, I like it, it tasted great hehe..

Here comes the lamb skewers! 5 skewer per person. What a generous amount! They have been heavily marinated with cumin powder that some people might not like but that's how they seasoned lamb I guess :) Bebski likes it but I think less fat will be better :)

For dessert, they have pineapple cake with caramelised pineapple at the bottom and a not-too moist sponge cake on top. I also got the mocha sponge cake which is mooooisstt and have a nice mocha flavour to it. Besides sweet baked stuff, I also got the fried sesame ball with red bean inside which is a classic chinese dessert you usually see in yumcha :)

Yummy Chinese only have strawberry ice cream for their lunch buffet which has a nice strawberry flavour and not too sweet (but really creamy) ice cream. You have to scoop the ice cream yourself so show your scooping skill people! hihihih,,

Overall dining was good. I particularly like their type of food and a good value with the selections of food that you get from fish, calamari and clams! Not to mention the pork, beef and lamb!
Check the place out :)

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