Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills

I don't know why but most people relate Sunday to Brunch Day.. Probably we're too lazy to wake up in the morning that we missed breakfast :) Last Sunday, I was planning to go to Chur Burger to taste what the hype is about.. Unfortunately, my sister reminded me that Chur Burger closed on Sundays T.T So I decided to go to my Back-up Plan Brunch Place which is Mad spuds cafe in Surry Hills .

Walking through Crown st, I never realized how many great cafes are around the area! I passed 4atefive and Bills as well, looking at the long queue in both places, I was afraid that I'll have to queue as well in Madspuds. It was 1.15PM already and my stomach has been singing since morning for food ;P
Luckily, there were two table left!

So we came in and seated ourselves. The cafe was vibrant and small. They have miniatures of Mr.Potato Head filling their cupboards and a variety of spices and legumes infused oil.

For the drink, I got the Karmarama Emma & Toms Juice and as usual, bebski got Flat white with hazelnut syrup :) And Mr.P got the mocha ..
Karmarama (Orange, Mango, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Banana Juice ) $4.50

Flat White with Hazelnut Syrup $4.50
Regular Mocha $3.50

For the food, I got the Potato Nachos which is made up of Crispy potato skin with spicy mexican beef, sour cream and avocado extra cheese. I loveee the potato skin. Even though it said potato skin but there's still some bit of the meats. Don't know how they make the skin that crispy and the potato is still fluffy. Im not bought by the beef though, its too mushy for me, I would like to be it more chunky :) It's worth trying!!

Potato Nachos $16
This time Bebski listened to my advice and got the mad pan brekkie which consist of  Boston beans, poached egg, hash brown, pork sausage and roast sweet onion. All I can say is, I loveeeee the pork sausage! Its got all the porky goodness, nicely spices and grilled.

Mad Pan Brekkie $16

Mr.P got the Irish Breakfast - Pork sausage, poached eggs, baked benas, crispy bacon, black & white pudding, soda bread and potato bread. He got like the whole package in one plate. I tried for the first time the White & Black pudding without knowing that it is a sausage made up of Pork meat, pork fat, beef fat and oatmeal + blood for the black pudding! It doesn't taste bloody though ;P It has a dry consistency like overcooked patty and nothing more to it.

Irish Breakfast $18

Mr.M, my newly brunch member ordered the Boxty as it was the first dish on the menu. Boxty is an Irish Traditional Pancake. For him, the dish was not portioned to his liking compared to the portion that the rest of us got ;P But he said that his food is still good though and his dish looks the prettiest amongst ours!
Boxty - boxty, mustard, sage, crispy bacon, spiced white sausage, avocado, fried eggs and apple puree.

Boxty $16

Overall, we had a great time and great food, nothing to complain or negative about this place. On top of that, I love potato! I can live on it... Be it fried, baked, boiled, even a stale french fries, I still loves them.... ;P

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