Saturday, May 3, 2014

San Churro, Westfield Eastgarden

Last Thursday was my brother's birthday, so his friends and the Gondos + Bebski had planned to surprise him the night before. So in order for his friends to enter our unit, Bebski and I decided to go out from the house for awhile so we can go in together with the friends along with the cake :)
The closest place from my place is San Churro. I've been to San Churro many times but it has been a long time since I visited one and so glad that they open one near my place so I don't have to travel to the City/Bondi/Glebe :)

We got the Churro for two with milk and white chocolate sides. I usually get the ice cream but not tonight :) The churro is more pale than other place. Maybe they use a new oil so that's good for us hehe.. There's nothing not to love from this crunchy bitey goodies :)
Churro for two $14.95
 We also get the tropical smoothie which made up from Mango, Orange Juice, lemon and lime :) Not too sour but has the tanginess from the citrus with a good balance of the fruity frozen mango. It comes in a big glass!

Tropical Smoothie $6.95

Previous Visit

Fiesta Churro comes with 18 Churros and all 6 sides; Milk, Dark, White Chocolate dip, ice cream and caramel sauce.
Churro Fiesta $39.95
 Sundae Churro Style! With banana pieces, melted chocolate, chocolate ice cream and 3 mini churros!
Choc Banana Sundae $11.95

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