Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reuben Hills, SurryHills

An unplanned visit to Reuben Hills with Bebski, Mr.P and Mr.M on a Sunday afternoon. Arrived there at around 1:30PM and the place was still swarming with people queuing for tables. We had to wait for 15 minutes before we were seated.

Reuben Hills has been one of the brunch spot that I would really like to visit for quite a long time now. So I kinda know what I want to order based on other food blogger's review and pictures from Instagram ;P

Flat White $4

Mocha $4
The dish comes with pickled chilli, lime and tortilla wrap underneath. The batter of the chicken is good and crispy but I think that the chicken lacks flavour. I would like it to be more salty and meaty... Another good thing is that they use chicken breast which is low in fat and the meat is juicy and succulent.
Really fucking great fried chicken w/ chilli in a basket $18
At first, I was hesitant to order the dish as the description of it is just a sandwich and it's called the NOT Reuben? But apparently this is the most ordered dish among food blogger and other diners from Urbanspoon. So I took the risk and ordered it. I did not regret any bits of my decision! The wagyu is perfectly cooked with some smokiness and sweetness to it. The crunch from the coleslaw complement the food really well.
The Not Reuben $18

Mr.P ordered the Broken Omelette Roll which comes in a soft brioche and filled with scrambled eggs with fried crispy shrimp and bacon jam. What a great combo in a bun! This was my first option to order but I thank Mr.P for ordering it instead so I can taste the amazing wagyu brisket! :)
Broken Omelette Roll $14
Mr.M on the other hand was tempted by the term 'Soft boiled egg' and 'Chorizo' and so he got the baked eggs which also comes with spinach, ranchero and rye breads. The ranchero sauce is mild and I think I would prefer it to be richer in tomato and garlic.
Soft Baked Eggs $18
Another amazing brunch in Surry hills area. I must admit, I am falling in love with brunch now. I was really adamant that brunch is basically just a toast, egg and bacon that I can prepare at home before but now I looked at it from a whole other light and I will continue this brunch journey until I tasted everything Surry Hills can offer :}
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  1. Yum like the look of the soft baked eggs and what an interesting way to present food in red baskets!

    1. The foods here are awesome.. Tots worth the wait :)


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