Sunday, May 11, 2014

Papparich, Broadway

Have been wanting to visit Papparich since last year now. But travelling to Chatswood is not something that comes to mind in my free time... Luckily, Papparich decided to open another branch in Broadway this year and I have been waiting patiently for it to open.
Finally in April, they opened and I just have the chance today to try it out!

Went here with Bebski, my Bro, and Mr.P. Arrived 12.30PM and oh my god, the queue!! Unbelievable.. The restaurant is not as spacious but it really has a quick turnover on the customer. We waited for 15mins from the long queue which is reasonably fast :)

We decided on the foods and asked the waiter to take our order, but apparently here, there is an order booklet that you have to fill in yourself. Writing in the Table No, the Code of the Food and the Quantity.. It feels like ordering food in Indo :)

After 5-10min, our order arrives! The first to come is the Nasi Lemak. Bebski ordered Jasmine rice with sambal prawn and chicken, served with crispy papadums. The sambal is not spicy, it's rather sweet :) There were good portion of chicken and prawns :)

Jasmine Rice with Sambal prawn and Red Chicken $13.50
My bro ordered the Nasi Lemak with curry chicken. he said that the portion was too little for him as he was starving when we arrived. But at the end of the meal he was too full to even have dessert ;P
Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken $13.50
Mr.P ordered Nasi Lemak with Rendang and Barley with Grass Jelly drink!
Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang $14.50

Barley and Grass Jelly Drink $4.90

For me, the must order, Char kuey Teow, with fishcakes, beansprout, eggs and prawns cooked to smoky perfection. I love their chewy kuey teow! I had to ask for chopped chilli though as I need it to have a hint of spiciness ^^
Char Kuey Teow $14.50

For the drink, I got the Iced Bandung with grass jelly, it is a combination of rose syrup with grass jelly at the bottom and soya milk. Unfortunately, the rose syrup is not too strong that I can only taste the beany note from the soy milk .. But it is a refreshing drink!
Iced Bandung $4.50

For the sides that comes later, I got the Crispy Chicken Skin, served with sweet chilli sauce! Omg, yummy goodness, crispy, crunchy, meaty :)
Crispy Chicken Skin $6.90
Another thing to come is the Roti canai with sauces. I think that the sauce might be Indian curry, malaysian curry and lastly is their sweet sambal sauce. The roti is fluffy and not too oily which is pleasant :)
Roti Canai $6.90
Mixed satay sticks comes next with Chicken and Beef satay 3 sticks each. Served with Peanut sauce which in my opinion is milk , it needs stronger nutty flavour, chopped red onion and diced cucumber. The Chicken and beef are well marinated, but I personally prefer the chicken over the beef.
Mixed satay $13.90

The last side dish is the Fu Chok Roll, which comes in 3 small roll and again served with sweet chilli sauce. This dish comes under the vegetarian Dimsim and it seems quite interesting so I ordered it. It seems that it is made of vegetarian "meat" with some radish that provides crunch wrapped in beancurd sheet and steamed. We like it accept for my brother. Mr.P said it would be better if they deep fried it ;P
Fu Chok $4.90
Overall experience is great!  I would definitely come back to try the Laksa. maybe I should go on off-peak hour as I feel rushed during the meal when the waitress keeps on coming to our table and taking the empty plates while I'm still munching my food :) The portion is good and well priced too.
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