Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brothers Kebab, St George

Bebski used to live in Banksia and he was the one that introduced me to this awesome yummy cheap Kebab~! We have been going to this spot for Kebab cravings for almost 4 years now. The service and quality are consistently good. The place is easy to spot as it is located in the Princes Highway and with the bright shining sign, you won't miss it :)

Went here on a Tuesday night with my sister and bebski. Our planned was to eat in Chilli Garden but the thought of having those meats was just unbearable! So we took a turn to Brothers Kebab

They serve all kind of meats from chicken, lamb and beef. I like their chicken meat the most. it is so flavorful and Juicy! They are really generous with the meat portion as well. Apart from the regular kebab and the kebab on plate, they also have souvlaki, burgers and rolls.

And the chips is a must! They always made it fresh and serve hot with their homemade chicken salt. Its really fluffy and crispy at the same time with the saltiness of the chicken salt, what a great combo!

My sister & I got the Mixed kebab wrap and share it among us. The wrap itself is quite thin and the diameter of the wrap is not as wide but the filling is aLOT! We had it with mayo and BBq sauce plus extra cheeeeseee. The BBQ sauce is another favourite of ours. Its not as sour as the BBQ sauce that you find in the supermarket.

If you think that half a wrap is the only food we're having then you are totally wrong! We also got the famous Whatsup box which is their specialties to split between us two. In that box is a bed of chips at the bottom and mountain of beef & Chicken meat pieces smothered in sauces of our choice (we choose sweet chilli and bbq)

It seriously is BIG and only for $10!! We ended up leaving some chips and meats behind cause we are too full. Bebski on the other hand, he ordered one Whatsup box and he finished everything off ^^ To his defense, his meat was not as much as ours...It's a ladies thing I guess hehehehe...

Another thing, do come in dinner time cause there a lot of people having takeaways at that time. From 11PM onwards, the place is packed with people dining there while they only have 3 dining table that fits 4 people each ;p

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  1. Good information on Indian recipe. its quite different from other posts,,,,Thanks.. it looks amazing kathi roll & kebabs


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