Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet Fresh, Chinatown

Meet fresh is a traditional Taiwanese dessert which is really popular here in Sydney! From what I read, Mr & Mrs. Fu were the ones that started the business with their aim of preserving traditional taste of Taiwanese dessert as well as producing them only with natural ingredients and no preservatives added. Their specialties is the Taro Balls which is handmade and so are always fresh.

And how they came up with the name Meet Fresh? It was because they want to make a place where people can meet and taste their fresh desserts :)

There a lot of Meetfresh branch everywhere now in Sydney. But the one that I always visited is the one in Chinatown. The place is always crowded with people at night especially on Friday when they have the Friday Chinese Market.

One of my favourite dessert is their Sweet taro Crushed ice. It comes with fine shaved ice at the bottom and topped with Taro Ice cream, drizzled with condensed milk and taro milky syrup? Not too sure, but they tasted great! The sides have taro pieces, pearls, red beans and taro balls. I alwaysss ordered 'extra extra' taroballs. Means 2x the amount as I love the chewy texture of it.

And.... my all time favourite! Herbal Jelly No.1!! Their herbal jelly is different from any other places can offer. It is silky and melt in the mouth goodness. From what I read as well, the herbal jelly is made up from a natural plant extract which is healthy for us... I hope its true ;P At the bottom of the bowl is fine shaved ice and they will give you a small cup of creamy milk to be poured in the bowl. The original bowl doesn't come with the taro balls but for my love of that chewy goodies, I always ordered double Taro balls! ^^

And for anyone that loves their crushed ice, I recommend to order taro Balls No.1... The fillings are similar to Herbal Jelly No.1 but instead they have taro balls and more crushed ice!

Have it a go on a hot summer day.. Or just cause ^.^
Another tips from me.. Their mango crushed ice looks tempting but it is not as delicious as what you see from the picture.... So think again before ordering hehehehe
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